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Affordable. Adaptable. Personalized!

COVID-19 put a wrench in your private event plans? Crawford Brew Works is here to adapt to your urgent and unique needs. 

When you book private events at CBW, The Mezz is yours for the whole day! This way if you need to space out and social distance your party, you can plan your special day throughout the day. This is one of many ways we'll work with you to make sure the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't uproot your most important memories. Along with this, any events scheduled during uncertain times will not owe their Mezz Booking Fee until the day of the event. 

Types of events previously held on The Mezz @ CBW....

Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding Receptions

Birthday Parties (Great parking and space for a surprise)


Baby Showers/Diaper Parties

Graduation Parties (High School, Undergrads, Graduate Students, and beyond)

Business Meetings

Holiday Parties

Vendor Fairs


Arts and Craft Classes

Athletic Viewing Parties (Professional, Collegiate, High School, and more) 

Panel Discussions

Non-Profit  Gatherings (ask us about our non-profit accommodations)


Networking Events

Political Events/Town Halls

Book Clubs

Podcast Recordings

 Is your event booking inquiry a little more unique and not on this list? We’d love to hear your needs and creatively accommodate. Send an email to [email protected] for further questions.

CBW POLITICAL EVENTS POLICY: Crawford Brew Works is open to event bookings by elected officials or any viable candidate seeking office. However, we do not allow single issue forums. Reservations are subject to the same terms and conditions as outlined in our standard policies.

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