Non-Profit Partnership


What is Trivia Night Live? Trivia Night Live is a live interactive team trivia game played at QC restaurants and bars. The game consists of four rounds of questions of increasing difficulty and point values. Categories range from current events, history, geography, science, sports, and more. Trivia Night Live is free to play, and you can have up to 4 members on a team. Prizes are awarded for the winner of the 1st half and the overall winners win a $25 gift card for 1st Place, $10 for 2nd Place (cannot be used the same night). We ask a question, and then play a song. Your team has the duration of that song to turn in your answer. No cell phones. web devices or smart watches can be used, just the useless trivial knowledge contained between your ears.

When and Where is Trivia Night Live at Crawford Brew Works?

Thursday Nights from 7-9 PM; At the Brewery: 3659 Devils Glen Rd., Bettendorf, IA

How Does the Non-Profit Fundraiser Partnership Work?

Consideration for the program is open to any local non-profit group. CBW will review requests on a case-by-case basis, also subject to availability. CBW will donate $1 from every drink sold during the event. A basket will also be mentioned and available for on-site donations that night. The non-profit group also has the opportunity to distribute flyers and information to raise awareness.

We, at CBW, view the partnership to be mutually beneficial. The organization gains exposure, receives donations in a short period of time, and has an opportunity to plan a fun night with their network and base. CBW is a new brewery and building a brand in the area. This program allows us to increase our reach and welcome new customers to our tap room.

In order for the event to be successful both CBW and the non-profit group will need to promote the event through email, social media, and other outlets.

To learn more contact: Marshall Dismer, General Mgr., at [email protected]